As personal computer constantly goes deep into our life and work, the importance of data information to our life and work is full represented. In order to better use the important data, we usually store lots of useful data in our personal computer. However, when we don’t use the data any more, we will delete the data without hesitation to release more disk space for new useful data. But, have you encountered such kind of situation – when we delete some useful data, our improper operations may delete some important data which brings lots of unnecessary troubles and losses.  

I believe most computer users have encountered the situation above, but many Mac users don’t care because they think the Mac operating system security promotion made by Apple already solves it well. In fact, I once had similar thought. In order to prevent Mac users from accidentally deleting important data, the Mac operating system will first move the deleted data to recycle-bin after we delete Mac data. If we find important data is accidentally deleted, we can recover deleted Mac data from the recycle-bin to avoid losses caused by important data loss.

But if we empty the recycle-bin after accidentally deleting the important data in Mac, how can we recover it?

As users who are familiar with Mac computer know, situation above is extremely common.  When we delete Mac data, we can hardly find the important data among deleted data, and we usually immediately empty the recycle-bin after deletion. When we find the important data is accidentally deleted, it is late. Then, we must think how to recover deleted Mac data?

Computer data recovery is not strange to many experienced users. A present, there are two most popular computer data recovery methods, one is to resort to professional data recovery company, another is to use professional Mac data recovery software such as MiniTool Mac data recovery to recover lost data. In fact, these two data recovery methods have both advantages and disadvantages. Although the professional data recovery company can help us recover most important data lost for non-physical damage and some simple hardware faults, the risk of privacy data leak and high data recovery fees usually bother lots of common Mac computer users. Although using professional Mac data recovery software can just recover data lost for common non-physical damage, its low cost attracts lots of Mac users. Since users undelete important data by yourselves through the software, you don’t need to worry about data leak.   

These two methods are used by most Mac users. When encountering Mac data loss, we can choose most suitable Mac data recovery solution according to the real situation. 

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