With computer technology constantly developing and cost decreasing, this top level electronic product computer has gradually become the necessity of our daily life. Since we save data in computer, data loss is a common problem. Photos recording our life moments, files recording clients' information, account books recording enterprises' financial account, and non-named beautiful music files, are all very important for us. If they are accidentally lost, we will bear terrible consequence. To avoid data loss, we'd better do well in data protection work. The following are some notes we should pay attention to:

1. Why data loss happens?
Virus attack, accidental deletion, partition loss, partition formatting, disk damage, and hacker attack are all causes of data loss.

2. Why should we care about data loss problem since there are so many professional data recovery companies?
Although there are so many professional data recovery companies, they charge users very high because data recovery is a kind of rather high-precise work. Common users usually can't bear the cost.

3. Data recovery software
Undeniably, data recovery software is cheap enough. But data recovery software still has disadvantages. Even the best data recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery can only solve data loss problems caused by soft failure. As to hardware damage, no software is able to restore.

After reading the above notes, we can see that there is no safest data storage solution in this dangerous era. We can only combine two different storage media together to store important data following my suggestion below so that we can protect data from losing:

 Computer disk: this is the most common storage medium saving data. Except some secret data you don't want others know, you can save all kinds of data in computer disk. As computer is connected to Internet, data loss happens a lot in computer.

Optical disk: the advantage of saving data with optical disk is we will never lose data caused by accidental operation. And if we appropriately keep optical disk, it will last for several years. The only disadvantage is that optical disk is very easy to be damaged by outside force, or gets ageing because of environment, causing data loss.

Flash memory: U disk, MP3, MP4 and all kinds of memory cards, memory sticks are all flash memory. They all have a common merit of small size and portability. However, they are usually used to transfer data because of their small capacity and easy-to-damage.

 Mobile HDD: mobile HDD has the same working principle with computer disk. They both save data in disk plate and use magnetic head to access data. Hence, when moving mobile HDD, we should be very careful to protect it from shocking or vibrating.

These are common storage media. For data security, we should choose them according to specific situation. Choosing two or more of them to save data is the best way to protect data from losing.

As to NTFS data recovery, free NTFS data recovery software firstly occurs to many users because the it helps users recover lost data from NTFS partition and saves high data recovery fees for users. However, excellent free NTFS data recovery software is hard to find and in the process of searching for free NTFS data recovery software, many users have paid a heavy price, for example, permanent data loss and normal data being lost. For data security, the professional free data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery is suggested. This free NTFS data recovery software is of powerful functions and simple operations.

Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery and we'll see its concise main interface.
In this interface, five data recovery modules are provided and users can employ different modules to recover lost data according to the practical data recovery demands. If the important files are deleted, we should employ "Undelete Recovery". Click it and the following interface will be shown. 
In this interface, select the partition where data recovery will be performed and click "Recover". The following interface will be shown.  
Check the files to be recovered (since the deleted data we recover from NTFS partition are encrypted, the files are shown in green) and then click "Save Files" to save them to a safe location, finishing recovering deleted data.

As one of the most important data storage devices, computer hard disk (shown in the left picture) is familiar to users. Many users are using computer hard disk to store important data, but the data stored in hard disk are not very safe because factors resulting in data loss problems increase while data storage amount is augmented. Luckily, we  could visit the professional data recovery web http://www.data-recovery-software.ca to download specialized disk recovery software to recover lost data from hard disk. After installing and launching it, We'll see the following interface.

This is the interface of the boot edition of the professional disk recovery software, from which we can see its comprehensive data recovery functions. Besides recovering deleted data as other disk recovery software, it also has functions to recover lost data from damaged partition and lost partition and recover lost digital media files, helping users solve almost all data loss problems caused by soft faults. So when encountering data loss issues resulting from soft faults, users just need to select the suitable function module and then perform operations by following software prompts, and disk data recovery will be achieved easily.


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Deleting important file is an unlucky thing for every computer user, because it will bring much convenience to our daily file and work as well as result in great economic losses. Luckily, we can recover deleted data with 3rd party data recovery software.  Among so much file recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery  is an outstanding performer. Its functions are quite powerful. So, when important files are lost, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the best choice for file recovery.

In order to make users intuitively experience the file recovery competence of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, let's take deleted file recovery as an example. Before using this free deleted file recovery software, we should download it from http://www.data-recovery-software.ca. Then, install and run it:
After running this free data recovery software, we can see its humanized main interface, like the above interface shows. It provides us with 5 functional modules, which facilitates us finding data recovery solution according to data loss situations. Here, we need to undelete files, so we should select the module "Undelete Recovery":

Then, select the partition where deleted files were originally stored and click "Recover" to scan lost files:
After the scan, we can see plenty of lost files. To find desired files quickly, we can resort to the functions "Find File" and "Advanced Filter".
After finding and checking desired files, we click "Save Files" button to save them to a safe place. In order to avoid data overwriting, I suggest storing these files to other partitions rather than original partition.  

When using computer, users are afraid of the situation that the files are accidentally deleted and the important data gets lost. In general, as long as deleted file is not overwritten, the deleted file can be recovered with 3rd party data recovery software. But  most common files recovery software on the market has function flaws, so you should be very careful when choosing files recovery software. Luckily, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a professional one,  which is developed by famous software developing company MiniTool Solution Ltd. 

Use files recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery to perform undelete recovery
To use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to perform undelete recovery, you should firstly free download this files recovery software by visiting the official website or http://www.data-recovery-software.ca and then install this files recovery software. After that, run this files recovery software, you will see interface below:
Choose "Undelete Recovery" on the main interface of the files recovery software.
Here, click "Recover" when you select desired partition. After the complete scan, this interface appears: 
On Undelete Files Recovery interface, check desired files and then click "Show Files" to store recovered file to safe location according to software prompt. Then you recover the deleted files successfully. 

As we all know, with the development of MAC, and more and more innovative technology, MAC has become very popular among MAC fans. Though Apple Inc. has always fixed its position in high-end and expensive, Apple products are still in pressing need. In its large group of fans, besides some high-end crowd, there are many people at the lower-class who purse fashion like me. However, when we are enjoying the great experience of MAC, frequent data loss events make us rather upset. What we need to do is recover lost important data as possible as we can.

Speaking of MAC data recovery, most MAC users know the difficulty. It is like a nightmare. As choices of MAC data recovery software are very few, we probably need to ask professional data recovery companies for help. But professional data recovery companies will charge users very high fees. It is too expensive for us common MAC users. We should give up this solution, and try to find a more economical and practical one.

It is not that smooth to find other solutions to MAC data recovery. Through observing and testing some free data recovery software from the Internet; we have discovered that most of them are unable to recover lost MAC data, because they are aimed at Windows operating system which is very different from MAC OS. They are not compatible with MAC OS and HFS/HFS+ file system. Therefore, using those kinds of data recovery software to realize MAC data recovery is impossible.

However, there are still some choices of MAC data recovery software that supports HTFS/HTFS+ file systems, but they still cannot run in MAC OS. We have to take MAC disk down and install it to Windows operating system, and then use those kinds of data recovery software to recover lost data. Dismounting disk is a difficult thing for us common users. Mistaken operations will lead to terrible data disaster.

When I am frustrated, a surprising discovery makes me overjoyed. That is MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Through its official website I have known that it is specially designed for MAC OS, so it runs perfectly in MAC. It has very powerful data recovery functions and simple operations. We common users can also use it to perform MAC data recovery in MAC easily and fast. I can't wait and download it to my MAC for free, and test it by deleting some unimportant data.

Surprisingly, it recovers the deleted data successfully, and even recovers some previously lost data. Although the previously lost data is not complete because of overwriting, it still satisfies me a lot.

This is my experience of searching for a suitable MAC data recovery solution. Although it is rough, the result is worthwhile. Here I share my experience with you and hope it can help you when necessary. 

In the dangerous network world, the growing value of data and information requires higher level of protection methods. Because of frequent virus attack events, huge economic and spiritual losses make computer users realize virus defense work is so important for computer. Everyone is trying hard to find better virus defense solution. So the anti-virus software market emerges as times require. The market attracts many software companies so various kinds of anti-virus software are born. It is hard for us to choose an excellent one among so many choices.

By analyzing the tendency of choosing anti-virus software, anti-virus software companies are fighting either openly or secretly. For more market shares, they have tried their best and even employ unfairly competitive methods, such as price war, mutual slander, and self-praise. Under various attractions, computer users are bewildered. We don't know how to choose a right one. Some users even employ two or more pieces of anti-virus software in one computer. This seems to be a good solution, because it satisfies both users and anti-virus software companies. It might be a peace age of anti-virus software industry.

However, the fact is not so. Not a few anti-virus software companies ask for more than the present profit. To occupy more market shares, anti-virus software war has never stopped. Anti-virus software companies are fighting and attacking each other. The result turns to be that anti-virus software in computer loses its functions of defending virus, or even deletes our important files by accident. Therefore, it becomes easier for virus to attack our computer. At last, we encounter unexpected data disaster. We have become the victim of anti-virus software war.

This is real and not made up by me. Have you ever experienced the situation where the software deleted the core files of other anti-virus software after you use one piece of software to scan the computer if you have installed more than one piece of anti-virus software in your computer? You may wonder why. Are those files infected with virus? 

The situation is not that pure. Those files are the victim of anti-virus software war. Although we can still use professional data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover deleted files, it is still an annoying thing. We can perform data recovery to the lost files, but we are still bearing the unnecessary troubles brought by anti-virus software war.

Here I am on behalf of millions of common computer users to appeal to anti-virus software companies. Please stop the war! Originally, anti-virus software is for better data protection, but the goal already seems to go bad. Don't let the interest control your head. You will cut your own throat at last! 

When important Mac files are lost, I believe many Mac users will feel sad and helpless, but they can not find an effective solution to recover lost Mac files. Actually, Mac file loss is not as terrible as we imagine. We can   recover lost data with 3rd party data recovery software. In order to  make more users recover lost Mac files easily and conveniently, I recommend a piece of quite excellent professional Mac file recovery software, namely MiniTool Mac Data Recovery.

Is MiniTool Mac Data Recovery the best choice for Mac file recovery?
Users who are unfamiliar with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery may doubt this best file recovery software. But I believe most Mac users will be fond of it after listening to may introduction and seeing practical demonstration. 

After running this best file recovery software, we will see its concise but practical main interface, like the following interface shows:
Here, we can see detailed file recovery modules, namely Digital Media Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery,Damaged Partition Recovery and Undelete Recovery . These functional modules are designed to meet different file recovery demands. As long we select corresponding file recovery module, we can recover lost Mac files much easily. Next, let me introduce these functional modules briefly. 

Digital Media Recovery
Since Mac has pretty powerful AV entertainment functions, digital media files are commonly seen on Mac. Therefore, Mac digital media file loss catches many users' attention. The functional module "Digital Media Recovery" of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is capable of recovering lost digital media files. This is its first interface:
Lost Partition Recovery
Data loss resulting from partition loss or partition deletion is serious. So, much file recovery software is unable to recover this kind of lost Mac files, but MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is an exception. This best file recovery software offers the functional module "Lost Partition Recovery" which can recover lost Mac files from lost partition or deleted partition easily. This is the first interface: 
Damaged Partition Recovery
Data loss caused by partition formatting or partition damage also happens frequently, and the functional module "Damaged Partition Recovery" can recover lost Mac files under this situation easily. The following screenshot is the first interface of this module:
Undelete Recovery
As the most commonly seen data loss situation, mistaken deletion often brings Mac users heavy losses. And "Undelete Recovery" module is specially designed to undelete Mac files. This is the first interface of the functional module:
From the above interfaces of the 4 functional modules, we can see corresponding prompts are offered at the upper of the left in every first interface.For more information http://www.data-recovery-software.ca.  

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk can do data recovery when operating system is damaged. You can start computer as well as run Power Data Recovery via boot disk. it can start through not only CD/DVD but also USB flash drive. Thus, you can recover data with USB flash drive in the case that your computer or laptop doesn't have CD/DVD driver.

A powerful data recovery software boot disk
For users further getting familiar with the data recovery software boot disk, we'll demonstrate how to recover lost data from crashed system partition C:.

After getting the data recovery software boot disk, put it into CD driver and boot the computer. Then we'll see the following interface.
Select the option "Boot from Power Data Recovery Boot Disk" and press Enter. Then we'll see the following interface.
This is the starting interface of the data recovery software and four data recovery modules are provided. Now we can recover lost data. "Damaged Partition Recovery" module should be used. Click it and we'll see the following interface.
Select system partition and click "Open" to view partition data. And we'll see the following interface.
Find and check the data to be recovered and click "Save Files" to store them to a safe location, finishing recovering data from corrupted operating system.


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