Accidental is one of the main reasons which cause Windows important data loss. So, how to efficiently and timely complete undelete recovery with data recovery software for Windows? Just follow these steps.

1. Download data recovery software for Windows via Then, install and start this data recovery software to choose "Undelete Recovery" function module.
2. Choose the partition where deleted important data existed, and then click "Recover".
3. Among all deleted data found by this data recovery software for Windows, check the data to recover and click "Save Files" to save them.
After data recovery software for Windows keep all data into specified safe location, you thoroughly complete the undelete recovery with data recovery software for Windows.

USB flash disk, a kind of storage device, is of high storage capacity. Through USB interface, we can use it to exchange data with computers, realizing Plug and Play. USB flash disk is now quite common. Users like to use it to transfer data because of its high capacity, portability, low cost and high security. Despite those virtues, data loss problems are still common. It is not the USB flash disk per se to blame. Instead, most of the data loss problems result from users' accidental deletions or formatting. And we can realize data recovery from USB flash disk in this situation and professional data recovery software is needed. And there is much data recovery software shared on the internet, which facilitates our purposes but also brings us troubles of selection. However, we can visit the professional data recovery software website to download it. Then launch it and we'll see its concise starting interface, as follows.
We can see this data recovery software has five data recovery modules and each has its own responsibility to recover lost data in specific environments. For example, "Undelete Recovery" is used to recover deleted data pertinently; "Digital Media Recovery" is aimed at photo recovery, video recovery and movie recovery. And if the USB flash disk is formatted, "Damaged Partition Recovery" will solve the problem. Then we'll show how to recover deleted data from USB flash drive.

To recover deleted data from USB flash disk, we should employ "Undelete Recovery" module. So click it and we'll see the following interface.
Please select the USB flash disk in this interface and click "Recover". Then all deleted data will be shown, as follows.
All deleted data in the USB flash disk are shown. If there are too many files to find the desired ones, "File Filter" and "Advanced Filter" are suggested. Then check them and click "Save Files" to store them.

In computer, all data are stored in the form of file, and we can visit these files simply and conveniently. However, computer itself is in risk. Although storing data in computer brings us much convenience, computer data are easy to lose. So, file data recovery is a piece of indispensable work in building safe computer environment. Generally, there are 2 kinds of reasons for file data loss, namely software fault and hardware fault. If data are lost due to hardware failure, we have to restore hardware to perform file data recovery. If file data loss is caused by non-hardware failure, professionals can modify registry table, MTF or MBR to recover file data, and common users can resort to the file data recovery software developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd. , which releases 2 pieces of file data recovery software, namely MiniTool Power Data Recovery and MiniTool Mac Data Recovery,rather than turn to data recovery companies.

If you don't install the powerful Mac file recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery on your computer, please visit to download and install this Mac file recovery software. Then run this Mac file recovery software to see the interface below, to recover deleted file for Mac. 
Here are four separate function modules provided by the Mac file recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. To undelete Mac file in FAT 32 partition, please enter "Undelete Recovery" function module.
Choose FAT 32 partition which needs Mac deleted file recovery, and then click "Recover" function to scan deleted file in partition. 
Here, choose desired file and then click "Save Files" to store it. After that, the Mac deleted file recovery operations for Mac FAT 32 partition are completed.

If the deleted are still stored in Trash, we can recover them easily. We just need to open Trash and then select the data that will be recovered and right click the mouse. Then click "Put Back" in the popping up menu. Then the deleted data will be recovered easily, as follows.

As a common computer user, you may not know that deleted data can be recovered, when you delete data accidently, you just regret it, but do you know? Simply deleted data do not disappear from hard disk immediately, and just the connection between file allocation table and file is broken. Then, operating system is unable to read these files and regards them deleted, thus releasing new storage space. As a matter of fact, we  can recover deleted file with excellent deleted file recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery, deleted file recovery can be accomplished successfully and easily. Do you think it is unimaginable? Now, let's see an example.

Recover deleted file by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
To recover deleted file with excellent deleted file recovery software, we should download it from at first, and then install it to the computer. After installation, we run it to enter its main interface:
Here, we can see 5 different file recovery modules. To recover deleted file, we need to select the first functional module "Undelete Recovery" which is specially designed for deleted file recovery.
Next, select the partition storing deleted files and click "Recover" to scan data on the partition.
After scan, all deleted files are displayed. In order to help users find desired files quickly, this deleted file recovery software offers the function "Find File", so we can input file name to seek desired files. If there are so many files to be recovered, we can resort to the function "Advanced Filter":
By using the function "Advanced Filter", we can filter out needless files by extension, size, file name, or date, which is good for promoting file recovery efficiency. After finding files needing to be recovered, we need to click "Save Files" button to recover deleted file.

As known to all, the reason why we can save data and information in hard drive is file system. In different operating systems, file systems are very different. And different file systems have different levels of security. For example, in Windows operating systems, NTFS file system is securer than FAT32 file system. With wider and wider application of computer, NTFS file system has gradually replaced FAT32 file system.

Those are only the two most common file systems in Windows operating systems. Let me introduce you some file systems in MAC operating systems. In MAC, the most common ones are HFS, HFS+ and FAT file systems. As a result of security differences, HSF+ file system has gradually become the most widely used file system in MAC computers. Most MAC computers employ HFS+ file system. However, even though HFS+ file system has better security than other file systems, it is still weak when facing all kinds of dangerous threats from Internet. When we encounter virus attack in MAC, HFS+ file system isn't enough for defending dangers.

Maybe you think that HFS+ file system in MAC is secure enough to defend virus attack, because you must have never been attacked before. Actually, security performance of MAC operating systems and Windows operating systems is always the hot topic among computer users. Most users think that the reason why MAC is seldom attacked by virus is that MAC user group is much smaller than Windows operating systems, but is not that MAC is securer than Windows. For more interest, hackers choose to attack Windows operating systems rather than MAC operating systems. That's why MAC is less attacked than Windows.

I have analyzed rationally the security performance of both Windows operating systems and MAC operating systems. Maybe some MAC users will still trust in strong security of MAC. With the development of software industry, malicious programs such as virus and Trojan are so widely spreading through network, including the ones aiming at MAC operating systems, such as "Hell RTS" and "FlashBack" of last year. These viruses and Trojan horses are threatening MAC data security anytime. Data loss and damage will happen anytime, so we have to prepare anti-virus work in advance.

With good defense of anti-virus, it doesn't mean our data in MAC is absolutely secure, because most types of anti-virus software can only avoid virus attack instead of preventing virus attack efficiently. Besides anti-virus defense, we also need to do well in the second level data protection work – professional data recovery software like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. This professional MAC data recovery program restores lost data in time when data loss caused by virus attack happens. It reduces losses to the greatest extent. It is very necessary to own one piece of such professional MAC data recovery software. For better data security in MAC, you should try your best to prepare in advance! 

Facing frequently happened data loss situations, how do you reduce harm brought by data loss? Of course, recovering the lost data. Referring to data recovery, many users may think of professional data recovery companies. But it is too expensive,luckily, we can do data recovery with  free data recovery . As long as we own a piece of excellent data recovery software which can offer free data recovery service, lost data can be recovered easily. Now, you can visit to download such a kind of free data recovery software.
This is the main interface of the free data recovery software, from which we can see functional information about the software. Each data recovery module focuses on different data loss scenario.And the 5 functional modules can undelete data,   Here, in order to make all of you further understand this free data recovery software, I will demonstrate how to free undelete data.

Free undelete data
To free undelete data, we can choose the functional module "Undelete Recovery":
Then, select the partition storing deleted data and click "Recover" to scan lost data:
Here, we can see numerous lost files the free data recovery software finds, but we can click the button "Find File" and input file name to find desired files quickly. If there are so many files we are going to recover, we can click "Advanced Filter" button to filter out needless files:
In this interface, we can set file type, file size, creating time, or other information to find needed data. After that, the free data recovery software will filter out needless files. Then, check these files and click "Save Files" button to end free data recovery.

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is a powerful still free Mac data recovery software for home and business users, with which user can undelete files, restore lost data from formatted/deleted/lost partition, recover data from corrupted/virus-ravaged hard drive under unexpected system shutdown or software failure circumstance. Moreover, this Mac data recovery software supports a variety of storage devices. 1 GB free data recovery is allowed with MiniTool Mac Data recovery 2.0 Free Edition.

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery includes four functional modules - Undelete Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery and Digital Media Recovery. Focusing on diverse data loss cases, each functional module considerately aids user performing desired Mac data recovery efficiently.

The mentioned Mac data recovery software has many advantages.
1. Stability: this point is so important. It runs smoothly in Mac and is completely compatible with it. So users can use it to recover lost photos trustingly. During data recovery process, it will not influence other existing data in Mac.
2. Powerful functions: this Mac  data recovery software can recover lost data in many different situations. 
3. High compatibility: different from Windows, Mac mainly adopts HFS+ as file system. And this Mac data recovery software supports it well. Besides, all common file formats are supported, including all kinds of image formats. 
4. Free  data recovery service: if the lost data are less than 1GB, free data recovery service is provided.

Since the release of Boot Camp in April 4, 2006 by Apple Inc., Mac users can install Windows operating systems on Mac and enjoy more applications that are only compatible with Windows platform. But when using dual operating systems, Mac users always encounter many troublesome problems like data loss.

As to the situation that data loss happens in Windows operating system in Mac computer, there are approximately three causes: first, after successfully booting Windows operating system in Mac computer, some incompatible applications will lead to data loss when booting Mac operating system or even Mac operating system is unable to boot. Secondly, when Mac users who are accustomed with Mac operating system suddenly change to Windows operating system, data loss is very likely to happen, causing a large amount of data information loss. Thirdly, we should know that Windows operating system is in risk of network virus. When Mac users use Windows operating system, virus attack is much more common than in Mac operating system, leading to the consequence of data loss.

No matter which one of the above three causes happens, the effect is always very terrible. When encountering data loss in Mac, how can we do something to reduce the loss? The only way is to restore lost Mac data. But for most users, it is frustrating that they have no data recovery knowledge. Now, this article will tell you a way to recover lost Mac data.

If you have already installed Windows operating system on Mac, data recovery will be easier, because most of data recovery software in the market support Windows operating system and has great recovery performance. For example, professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery not only runs perfectly in Windows operating system, but also supports HFS+ file system of Mac. As long as we employ this kind of software, we can easily perform Mac data recovery.

As to the other situation that Windows operating system is unable to boot, it is a little bit difficult to recover for that most data recovery software don't support Mac operating system. We can't rely on them to recover lost data. At this time, we need professional Mac data recovery software like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Only this kind of professional Mac data recovery software is compatible with Mac and helps users realize Mac data recovery. Here I won't elaborate upon more detailed recovery operations. You can search for its official website and for more information.

These are only my views about data recovery. I hope they will help you when necessary. If you have any better suggestion and solution, share with us now. I will appreciate that very much. At last, wish you all will fast and efficiently solve data loss problems. 

Data recovery technology is such a kind of method which can recover lost or damaged data, and the software applying data recovery technology is called data recovery software. To recover data perfectly, we have to ask professional data recovery companies for help, which recover lost data with precision equipment. Bur for some data lost owning to simple reasons like mistaken deletion, partition formatting, or partition loss, we can recover them with best data recovery software. Here, in order to avoid downloading data recovery software which has security leaks, I suggest using this professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery which is developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd.. This software can be compatible with almost all Windows operating systems perfectly,  More excitingly, this best data recovery software provides us with free data recovery service. It is safe and economical. The above aspects fully show us advantages of the best data recovery software. 

Maybe, some users are doubtful about data recovery competence of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Then, let me take lost Windows 7 picture recovery as an example to show its recovery competence.

Recover lost pictures in Windows 7 with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Firstly, download the best data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery from After finishing installation, we run it to enter its main interface: 
Then, we can see 5 functional modules. We select the module "Digital Media Recovery" which is specially designed to recover lost digital media files.
Next, select the partition storing lost pictures and click "Full Scan" to scan the selected partition. 
After the scan is finished, we can see the software sorts digital media files by category, which facilitates finding desired lost data. We check all needed pictures and click "Save Files" button to set save path for recovered pictures. Here, I suggest no storing these files on original partition so as to avoid data overwriting. 

 “Share of moments. Share life.” What a familiar slogan it is. However, it may leave all the time. As the ex-leader of imaging product and related services, Kodak experiences twists and turns. On January 1, 2012, Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection after receiving delisting warning from the NYSE for 16 days. 

Kodak was established in George Eastman since 1988, and passed 130 years now. In 1883, George Eastman invented film which undoubtedly brings evolutionary changes to the world. Then in 1888, Kodak launched the camera. Thus, George Eastman laid the foundation of making photography popular. Undoubtedly, Kodak was already the leader in this industry at this time. Besides, Kodak’s selling network was also extremely successfully – it spread across French, German, Italy and other European countries.     

Now that Kodak was so successful, why it went bankrupt? Lots of people think Kodak was killed by digital camera. The reason is very simple – Kodak irrevocably wedded to film manufacturing, but didn’t give up the leader location in film industry. However, the digital camera thoroughly abandons the film, and its simple and practical functions facilitate popularizing. Finally, Kodak who didn’t think of progressing was replaced because of reasons above. Was Kodak really like that? Its innovation ability was not weak in fact. At the beginning, Kodak led the world with its evolutionary industry evolution. However, the digital camera which is said to kill Kodak was successfully developed by Kodak in 1975. And the digital image technology was used in aerospace field in the following year. In 1991, Kodak had digital camera with 1.3 million pixels. Now, lots of Kodak’s patent technologies still influence the whole industry.  

The reason why Kodak insists on the film industry is a problem ignored by lots of person – the development issue of portable storage devices. For instance, the digital photo with 5 million pixels occupied about 1.2 MB storage space at that time. In nowadays, compared with the disk drive in TB, this size is too little to mention. But it was large enough to make people to collapse at that time, because the first CF memory card just appeared in the world in 1994. It is a great development chance for digital camera, but at that time, memory card had storage space with only several MB which can’t include high-quality digital photo. Moreover, the temporal optical camera technology was pretty mature while digital camera was far behind optical camera both in photo quality and quantity, so Kodak thought digital camera can’t catch up with the developing speed of optical camera in short term and they continued to focus on film manufacturing.              However, Kodak had not expected that the developing speed of technology can be so fast. The memory card capability rapidly develops, so the storage space no longer annoys users, and lots of users even complain about its large capacity because they have to partition memory card and manage partitions with partition magic alternative MiniTool Partition Wizard. So, both in photo storing quantity and use costs, digital camera is much better than optical camera. Besides, as the image sensor device CCD and CMOS become mature, the digital photo quality also catches up with the developing speed of optical camera. Although the digital photo is more likely to get lost than common photo, we can easily recover loss photo them with data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Since digital data loss problem no longer influence the digital camera development, it is certain that optical camera will be replaced by digital camera. Had Kodak recognized this problem? Kodak finally realized it in 2003. On September 26, 2003, Kodak announced an important strategic transformation: they would give up tradition film business and shift the emphasis to new digital product. However, maybe the transformation was too late, and it didn’t save the declining Kodak. So, in my opinion, the reason why Kodak failed is the wrong prediction on technology developing speed and the hasty coping style. Its failure is inevitable.

Therefore, Kodak teaches us: on the foundation of original industry, we must try our best to devote to the technology development. We would prefer to overrating the technology developing speed rather than falling behind the technology advance. At the same time, we must value every possible developing chance, which is the beneficial development direction of an outstanding enterprise.    


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