USB flash disk, a kind of storage device, is of high storage capacity. Through USB interface, we can use it to exchange data with computers, realizing Plug and Play. USB flash disk is now quite common. Users like to use it to transfer data because of its high capacity, portability, low cost and high security. Despite those virtues, data loss problems are still common. It is not the USB flash disk per se to blame. Instead, most of the data loss problems result from users' accidental deletions or formatting. And we can realize data recovery from USB flash disk in this situation and professional data recovery software is needed. And there is much data recovery software shared on the internet, which facilitates our purposes but also brings us troubles of selection. However, we can visit the professional data recovery software website to download it. Then launch it and we'll see its concise starting interface, as follows.
We can see this data recovery software has five data recovery modules and each has its own responsibility to recover lost data in specific environments. For example, "Undelete Recovery" is used to recover deleted data pertinently; "Digital Media Recovery" is aimed at photo recovery, video recovery and movie recovery. And if the USB flash disk is formatted, "Damaged Partition Recovery" will solve the problem. Then we'll show how to recover deleted data from USB flash drive.

To recover deleted data from USB flash disk, we should employ "Undelete Recovery" module. So click it and we'll see the following interface.
Please select the USB flash disk in this interface and click "Recover". Then all deleted data will be shown, as follows.
All deleted data in the USB flash disk are shown. If there are too many files to find the desired ones, "File Filter" and "Advanced Filter" are suggested. Then check them and click "Save Files" to store them.


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