If you cannot access the familiar Windows operating system when booting computer, the cause might be disk fault. Common disk fault is usually caused by partition table damage. If it is, you will see prompts like "Non-System disk or disk error", "replace disk and press a key to reboot", "Error loading operating system", etc. We need to analyze the cause of such a situation, and then choose a suitable solution. 

In fact, virus attack is the typical cause of partition table damage, Moreover, sudden accidental events also cause partition table damage. In addition, when deleting partition, if we accidentally delete main partition, we will encounter the situation of other drive letters being unable to access.

After analyzing the causes of partition table damage, we can perform corresponding solutions to dealing with the problems. The root cause of operating system being unable to access is system partition damage which is generally caused by DBR damage in partition table.

We don't have to repartition the disk or reinstall operating system to solve such a problem, because this solution may causes a large amount of data loss in the disk. There is a safer and easier solution. That is using a recovery drive such as MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk to access operating system and recover system files to other partitions or external storage devices. 

Then use partition management boot disk like MiniTool Partition Wizard Boot CD to set the partition saving recovered system files as active partition. Thus we can solve the problem and guarantee data security and completeness.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk recovers lost data from system partition
In the whole process, we need two different pieces of software. We can visit official websites of them to download: http://www.powerdatarecovery.com/ and http://www.partitionwizard.com/. The following interface will show up:

Best way to recover system files without entering operating system
Click "Boot from Power Data Recovery Boot Disc", and press "Enter":
Then, we enter recovery interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Click "Damaged Partition Recovery" functional module, and finish recovering data from system partition with the operating prompts. At last, we can boot the computer successfully. 

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