CD and DVD are 2 commonly used storage devices in Windows platform, and users often store important but not commonly used files to CD or DVD. If file loss emerges on CD/DVD, file recovery will become quite difficult, because only little file recovery software supports CD/DVD file recovery. Of course, users can ask professional data recovery companies for help, but most users are unwilling to adopt this method, because some of them can not afford high data recovery fees and some fear of privacy leakage. Well then, what is the best method for CD/DVD file recovery?

The best way to accomplish CD/DVD file recovery
Using CD/DVD file recovery software is undoubtedly the best way to accomplish CD/DVD file recovery. Reasons are as follows:
1.       CD/DVD file recovery software is cheap or even free.
2.       Can recover lost files from CD/DVD easily and safely.
3.       Bring no damage to lost data.
4.       Can meet almost all demands for CD/DVD file recovery.

Now, let’s use the CD/DVD file recovery software to recover lost files from CD/DVD.

Step 1: Download the CD/DVD file recovery software-MiniTool Power Data Recovery, to Windows computer from

Step 2: put CD/DVD to CD driver and launch the CD/DVD file recovery software: 
Here, we can see 5 different file recovery modules. Among them, “CD/DVD Recovery” is specially designed to recover lost files from CD/DVD.

Step 3: click the module “CD/DVD Recovery” to enter the next interface:
Step 4: select the CD/DVD where file recovery will be performed and click “Open” button to get the following interface:
At last, check files needing to be recovered and click “Save File” button to appoint a safe place to save recovered files. After that, CD/DVD file recovery is finished successfully.

Now, every computer user should know how to recover lost files from CD/DVD with CD/DVD file recovery software. 

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