In daily computer use, we may often encounter the situation where important data are lost in computers, for example the situation where data or partition is deleted by accident or partition is formatted or internal structure of partition is damaged or data are lost accidentally due to virus infection. At this time, data recovery software may be our only choice - MiniTool Power Data Recovery is our best choice, which can users' different data recovery needs -  after unremitting efforts, MiniTool Solution Ltd. has successfully released the data recovery freeware.

Free multifunctional data recovery freeware – MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Since MiniTool Power Data Recovery is freeware for data recovery, many users may have doubts whether it has comprehensive functions and is able to satisfy users' data recovery demands in different situations or not. However, it is easy to know the answer. We just need to visit its official website to download and try it. After downloading and installing this data recovery freeware, launch it and the following picture will be shown.
The above picture is the main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. From the main window, we can see this freeware for data recovery provides five data recovery function modules which are designed for different data recovery demands. This design is extremely rare in data recovery freeware. With these powerful recovery function modules, we can recover lost important data from computer trustingly. So the data recovery freeware MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help us perform data recovery quickly and timely, solving our problems easily.

PS: MiniTool Solution Ltd.
Users who have no idea of MiniTool Solution Ltd. may be curious as to what kind of company MiniTool Solution Ltd. is. Is it really able to develop a piece of excellent and free data recovery freeware for us? Actually users who are familiar with data recovery software and partition magic may know that MiniTool Solution Ltd. is a famous software development company specially engaging in research and development of data recovery software and partition magic. It has successively released several pieces of professional data recovery software including MiniTool Power Data Recovery, MiniTool Power CD/DVD Recovery, MiniTool Photo Recovery Genius and MiniTool Power Email Recovery for Outlook Express and the professional partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard which is spoken highly of by all users. So we can know that the development ability in high quality data recovery and the achievement in data recovery field of MiniTool Solution Ltd. are undisputed. For the sake of computer users' long term support, MiniTool Solution Ltd. has released the data recovery freeware MiniTool Power Data Recovery which is free for individual and home users.

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