On NTFS partition, users hardly run disk recovery program, because this file system can ensure partition consistency by using standard transaction log and recovery technology. When NTFS partition failure happens, NTFS can use log file and checkpoint information to recover NTFS partition consistency automatically. However, everything has two points. Just because NTFS has excellent performance, it is difficult to perform NTFS management. Therefore, much data recovery software does not support NTFS partition data recovery. Nevertheless, fortunately,  MiniTool Power Data Recovery can recover data from lost NTFS partition.

 If we want to accomplish deleted data recovery from NTFS partition with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we should visit its official website to download it first. Next, install and run it. Then, the following main interface appears: 
In the above interface, we select "Undelete Recovery" module to enter the next interface as we are going to perform deleted data recovery from NTFS partition.

Next, select the NTFS partition where mistaken deletion happens. Then, click "Recover" to scan the partition. After the scanning is finished, the following interface appears.
This is the recovery interface. Here, check the deleted files which need recovering. Next, click "Save Files" to save these files in a safe place. 

Then, we are successful to accomplish NTFS partition data recovery.

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