Many users may not know commonly used deleting and formatting can not delete data from the hard disk thoroughly but mark a special mark on the deleted data, making computer system unable to recognize these deleted data thereby being unable to display them. As a result, some users mistakenly think deleted data have disappeared completely. Actually, under this situation, it is possible to recover deleted data as long as these data are not damaged or overwritten. 

After knowing that deleted data can be recovered, some users may worry about the leakage of privacy included in deleted data. Well then, how to wipe data thoroughly from hard disk? To solve this problem, we need a technology called Erase with which we can erase a hard drive repeatedly and wipe original data thoroughly. Then, even high-efficiency data recovery methods can not recover these data. However, Erase was mainly used in military institution, political institution and other important institutions before. Fortunately, with the unceasing development of software industry, this technology has been applied to partition management software. For example, the "Wipe" function of MiniTool Partition Wizard is used to erase a hard drive repeatedly, ensuring the safety of deleted data. Next, the steps for you, how to erase data permanently.

Wipe Disk can destroy all information in your chosen disks safely and permanently. This function can ensure the security of your private and unwanted data and prevent someone from recovering your data. Once the Wipe operation is carried out by Partition Wizard, the data will not be recovered by any data recovery software. If you use the method of DoD 5220.28-STD, the data can not be recovered by any data recovery solutions.

You can apply this function by click Action Panel>Disk Operations Wipe Disk or Wipe Disk in the menu Disk.

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