Nowadays, Mac becomes more and more popular. Correspondingly, Mac file loss emerges more and more frequently. Therefore, Mac file recovery becomes a hot topic among numerous Mac users. In general, there are 2 solutions to Mac file recovery, namely turning to data recovery companies and using file recovery software. As known to all, data recovery companies charge so high data recovery fees that common Mac users can not afford them. So, using file recovery software is the most widely used method for Mac file recovery. Since file recovery software developed for Windows can not be compatible with Mac OS most of the time, users should download professional Mac file recovery software. It is believed that most Mac users are willing to download professional Mac file recovery software. On the current software market, there is indeed professional Mac file recovery software, but most of them have functional defects. If Mac users want to download professional Mac file recovery software which has powerful functions, high security, wide compatibility, and great operability, they had better visit professional downloading website like, MIniTool Mac Data Recovery.

This professional Mac file recovery software supports all popular Mac operating systems as well as file systems. In addition, it can recover files lost due to almost all logical errors. In the process of professional Mac file recovery, theMac file recovery software will not bring any damage to original data. Furthermore, operations are so simple. If users have doubts about operability of this software, please look at the following demonstration.

Recover lost files by using professional Mac file recovery software
Detailed steps are as follows:
1.       Download and install the Mac file recovery software to computer.
2.       Open the software to get its main interface:
3. Select a suitable functional module to perform free Mac file recovery (detailed functional information will appear below after we move mouse pointer to a certain module). Here, we take lost partition file recovery for example, so we need to click the functional module specially designed to recover lost files from lost partition.
4.       Select the disk where partition loss happens and click “Recover” button.
4.       Select the partition which is most similar with lost partition and click “Show Files” button to get the next interface:
6. Check files needing to be recovered and click “Save Files” button to appoint a save path for recovered files.

After that, free lost partition file recovery is finished by using the free Mac file recovery software. If users want to get more information about this free Mac file recovery software, welcome to its official website. 

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