With computer technology constantly developing and cost decreasing, this top level electronic product computer has gradually become the necessity of our daily life. Since we save data in computer, data loss is a common problem. Photos recording our life moments, files recording clients' information, account books recording enterprises' financial account, and non-named beautiful music files, are all very important for us. If they are accidentally lost, we will bear terrible consequence. To avoid data loss, we'd better do well in data protection work. The following are some notes we should pay attention to:

1. Why data loss happens?
Virus attack, accidental deletion, partition loss, partition formatting, disk damage, and hacker attack are all causes of data loss.

2. Why should we care about data loss problem since there are so many professional data recovery companies?
Although there are so many professional data recovery companies, they charge users very high because data recovery is a kind of rather high-precise work. Common users usually can't bear the cost.

3. Data recovery software
Undeniably, data recovery software is cheap enough. But data recovery software still has disadvantages. Even the best data recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery can only solve data loss problems caused by soft failure. As to hardware damage, no software is able to restore.

After reading the above notes, we can see that there is no safest data storage solution in this dangerous era. We can only combine two different storage media together to store important data following my suggestion below so that we can protect data from losing:

 Computer disk: this is the most common storage medium saving data. Except some secret data you don't want others know, you can save all kinds of data in computer disk. As computer is connected to Internet, data loss happens a lot in computer.

Optical disk: the advantage of saving data with optical disk is we will never lose data caused by accidental operation. And if we appropriately keep optical disk, it will last for several years. The only disadvantage is that optical disk is very easy to be damaged by outside force, or gets ageing because of environment, causing data loss.

Flash memory: U disk, MP3, MP4 and all kinds of memory cards, memory sticks are all flash memory. They all have a common merit of small size and portability. However, they are usually used to transfer data because of their small capacity and easy-to-damage.

 Mobile HDD: mobile HDD has the same working principle with computer disk. They both save data in disk plate and use magnetic head to access data. Hence, when moving mobile HDD, we should be very careful to protect it from shocking or vibrating.

These are common storage media. For data security, we should choose them according to specific situation. Choosing two or more of them to save data is the best way to protect data from losing.


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