Is it true that we can recover data from lost partition? At previous, as data recovery technology isn't so advanced, it is hard to realize such a operation. Most types of data recovery software can only recover deleted data, but can't recover data from lost partition. However, things are different now. MiniTool Solution Ltd. has developed a powerful data recovery software named MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This software realizes scanning the whole disk and finding lost partition. Then it recovers data from lost partition. Let me show you how to use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover data from lost partition so that you can know better about MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

At first, visit the official website to download this disk recovery freeware. Then, run it:
In the above main interface, select "Lost Partition Recovery" module to enter the next interface:
Then, select the disk where the lost partition is. Next, click "Recover" to look for the partition:
In the above interface, select the partition which matches the original partition, and then click "Show Files" button to check files on this partition.
Here, check files which need recovering. Then, click "Save Files" to save checked files. After doing these easy operations, we can recover lost data from lost partition quickly.

With such simple operations, we can avoid the losses caused by partition loss. What are you waiting for? Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery and let it help you solve your problem!

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