I believe many Windows users have met the situation where important data are lost. Under this situation, how to recover lost data? To solve this problem, many experienced users think of using professional windows data recovery software to recover lost data timely and efficiently. 

The professional Windows data recovery software
This is the professional Windows data recovery software, which is able to recover lost data caused by different factors. For example, if users delete data by accident, "Undelete Recovery" can be used to recover deleted data, photos included. And the module "Digital Media Recovery" is specially designed to recover lost photos, audios, videos and other digital media files. So this module is particularly recommended to users to recover lost photos.

How to recover lost photos?
1. After launching this Widows data recovery software, please click "Digital Media Recovery" module and the following interface will be shown.
Select the partition where picture loss happens and click "Full Scan" button to scan the whole partition. After scanning, we can see the following interface:
In this interface, we can see multiple digital media files. Please check pictures which need recovering and click "Save Files" button to set save path. After that, the partition data recovery software for Windows helps us recover lost pictures successfully.

Through so simple operations, we have realized photo recovery. Surely, other modules can also be used to recover lost photos from lost partition, damaged partition and formatted partition and recover deleted photos. If you want to get more operation demonstrations, please visit the official website of this Windows data recovery software.

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