Since the release of Boot Camp in April 4, 2006 by Apple Inc., Mac users can install Windows operating systems on Mac and enjoy more applications that are only compatible with Windows platform. But when using dual operating systems, Mac users always encounter many troublesome problems like data loss.

As to the situation that data loss happens in Windows operating system in Mac computer, there are approximately three causes: first, after successfully booting Windows operating system in Mac computer, some incompatible applications will lead to data loss when booting Mac operating system or even Mac operating system is unable to boot. Secondly, when Mac users who are accustomed with Mac operating system suddenly change to Windows operating system, data loss is very likely to happen, causing a large amount of data information loss. Thirdly, we should know that Windows operating system is in risk of network virus. When Mac users use Windows operating system, virus attack is much more common than in Mac operating system, leading to the consequence of data loss.

No matter which one of the above three causes happens, the effect is always very terrible. When encountering data loss in Mac, how can we do something to reduce the loss? The only way is to restore lost Mac data. But for most users, it is frustrating that they have no data recovery knowledge. Now, this article will tell you a way to recover lost Mac data.

If you have already installed Windows operating system on Mac, data recovery will be easier, because most of data recovery software in the market support Windows operating system and has great recovery performance. For example, professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery not only runs perfectly in Windows operating system, but also supports HFS+ file system of Mac. As long as we employ this kind of software, we can easily perform Mac data recovery.

As to the other situation that Windows operating system is unable to boot, it is a little bit difficult to recover for that most data recovery software don't support Mac operating system. We can't rely on them to recover lost data. At this time, we need professional Mac data recovery software like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Only this kind of professional Mac data recovery software is compatible with Mac and helps users realize Mac data recovery. Here I won't elaborate upon more detailed recovery operations. You can search for its official website and for more information.

These are only my views about data recovery. I hope they will help you when necessary. If you have any better suggestion and solution, share with us now. I will appreciate that very much. At last, wish you all will fast and efficiently solve data loss problems. 


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