If users want to keep Windows Server 2003 run better, server partition management is a piece of requisite work. Server partition management contains so many operations among which Server 2003 partition resizing is quite commonly seen. That is because resizing partition influences server running speed, data storage, disk space use ratio, and other aspects to a large extent. As is well known, every Windows operating system offers a built-in disk management tool, and Server 2003 is not an exception. But disappointingly, this tool is unable to resize partition of Server 2003 since it does not have the function of resizing partition. Well, how can users accomplish Server 2003 partition resizing well? Actually, as long as users own an excellent server partition manager, resizing partition of Server 2003 is a piece of quite simple work. However, the point is that it is difficult to find reliable and powerful server partition manager. On the software market, most server partition managers have defects. If users resize partition of Server 2003 by using this kind of software, data loss or partition damage may emerge. 
To help users find server partition manager which has high security, wide compatibility, powerful functions, and great operability, we recommend a professional downloading website http://www.partitionwizard.com/  Next, let’s use this server partition manager to perform Server 2003 partition resizing. 

Resize partition of Server 2003 by using server partition manager
After opening the server partition manager, we can see its main interface, like the following screenshot shows:
From the main interface, we can see this server partition manager provides users with 4 solutions to resizing partition of Server 2003, namely move/resize partition, extend partition, split partition, and merge partitions. To perform Server 2003 partition resizing, users only need to select the partition which needs resizing and click corresponding function, and then operate according to prompts. 

At last, click “Apply” button to perform all pending operations to computer. After this operation, Server 2003 partition resizing is finished completely and successfully. 


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