As we all know, with the development of MAC, and more and more innovative technology, MAC has become very popular among MAC fans. Though Apple Inc. has always fixed its position in high-end and expensive, Apple products are still in pressing need. In its large group of fans, besides some high-end crowd, there are many people at the lower-class who purse fashion like me. However, when we are enjoying the great experience of MAC, frequent data loss events make us rather upset. What we need to do is recover lost important data as possible as we can.

Speaking of MAC data recovery, most MAC users know the difficulty. It is like a nightmare. As choices of MAC data recovery software are very few, we probably need to ask professional data recovery companies for help. But professional data recovery companies will charge users very high fees. It is too expensive for us common MAC users. We should give up this solution, and try to find a more economical and practical one.

It is not that smooth to find other solutions to MAC data recovery. Through observing and testing some free data recovery software from the Internet; we have discovered that most of them are unable to recover lost MAC data, because they are aimed at Windows operating system which is very different from MAC OS. They are not compatible with MAC OS and HFS/HFS+ file system. Therefore, using those kinds of data recovery software to realize MAC data recovery is impossible.

However, there are still some choices of MAC data recovery software that supports HTFS/HTFS+ file systems, but they still cannot run in MAC OS. We have to take MAC disk down and install it to Windows operating system, and then use those kinds of data recovery software to recover lost data. Dismounting disk is a difficult thing for us common users. Mistaken operations will lead to terrible data disaster.

When I am frustrated, a surprising discovery makes me overjoyed. That is MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Through its official website I have known that it is specially designed for MAC OS, so it runs perfectly in MAC. It has very powerful data recovery functions and simple operations. We common users can also use it to perform MAC data recovery in MAC easily and fast. I can't wait and download it to my MAC for free, and test it by deleting some unimportant data.

Surprisingly, it recovers the deleted data successfully, and even recovers some previously lost data. Although the previously lost data is not complete because of overwriting, it still satisfies me a lot.

This is my experience of searching for a suitable MAC data recovery solution. Although it is rough, the result is worthwhile. Here I share my experience with you and hope it can help you when necessary. 


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