When important Mac files are lost, I believe many Mac users will feel sad and helpless, but they can not find an effective solution to recover lost Mac files. Actually, Mac file loss is not as terrible as we imagine. We can   recover lost data with 3rd party data recovery software. In order to  make more users recover lost Mac files easily and conveniently, I recommend a piece of quite excellent professional Mac file recovery software, namely MiniTool Mac Data Recovery.

Is MiniTool Mac Data Recovery the best choice for Mac file recovery?
Users who are unfamiliar with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery may doubt this best file recovery software. But I believe most Mac users will be fond of it after listening to may introduction and seeing practical demonstration. 

After running this best file recovery software, we will see its concise but practical main interface, like the following interface shows:
Here, we can see detailed file recovery modules, namely Digital Media Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery,Damaged Partition Recovery and Undelete Recovery . These functional modules are designed to meet different file recovery demands. As long we select corresponding file recovery module, we can recover lost Mac files much easily. Next, let me introduce these functional modules briefly. 

Digital Media Recovery
Since Mac has pretty powerful AV entertainment functions, digital media files are commonly seen on Mac. Therefore, Mac digital media file loss catches many users' attention. The functional module "Digital Media Recovery" of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is capable of recovering lost digital media files. This is its first interface:
Lost Partition Recovery
Data loss resulting from partition loss or partition deletion is serious. So, much file recovery software is unable to recover this kind of lost Mac files, but MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is an exception. This best file recovery software offers the functional module "Lost Partition Recovery" which can recover lost Mac files from lost partition or deleted partition easily. This is the first interface: 
Damaged Partition Recovery
Data loss caused by partition formatting or partition damage also happens frequently, and the functional module "Damaged Partition Recovery" can recover lost Mac files under this situation easily. The following screenshot is the first interface of this module:
Undelete Recovery
As the most commonly seen data loss situation, mistaken deletion often brings Mac users heavy losses. And "Undelete Recovery" module is specially designed to undelete Mac files. This is the first interface of the functional module:
From the above interfaces of the 4 functional modules, we can see corresponding prompts are offered at the upper of the left in every first interface.For more information http://www.data-recovery-software.ca.  

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