The full name for U disk is “USB flash disk”. It is a mini high-capacity storage product needing no physical drive, and it can be connected to computer through USB interface to transfer and share data. Although U disk is as small as thumb, it can store plenty of data, including work files, entertainment files. When operating these files, we can’t avoid performing some improper operations, such as accidental deletion, accidental formatting, U disk virus infection, improper use, which cause U disk data loss.

U disk is always priceless, so what should we do after important U disk data is lost? Don’t be worried because we can recover lost U disk data. Here, I make brief introduction about two main data recovery methods. One is to turn to professional data recovery company, the other is to use data recovery software to recover data by yourself. Every coin has two sides. The first method may has larger recovery range and stronger recovery ability, but it charges for high fees, has potential privacy data security leak risk and other uncertain factors. Although recovery ability of using data recovery software to recover data is not as strong as professional company, it has advantages such as low fees or even no fees, fast, convenient and reliable privacy information security. For common friends, data recovery software is the first choice.        

When we choose data recovery software, not any software is useful. Since the U disk data loss situations are different, when using data recovery software to recover lost U disk data, we need different functions and have different requirements. For instance, data loss caused by accidental documents deletion, video image loss caused by accidental formatting, data loss due to improper operations when we pull U disk. Therefore, it is important to choose a piece of suitable data recovery software according to the real situation. If you don’t use the right software, you not only fail to recover lost data, but also make secondary damage to U disk data. I believe all of you are unwilling to encounter such kind of situation. So, how to choose the needed software? MiniTool Power Data Recovery is highly recommended because this professional data recovery software can meet data recovery requirements under different data loss situations. It has five functional modules – Undelete Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, Digital Media Recovery and CD/DVD Recovery, which meet various kinds of requirements. To recover U disk data, we just need to choose corresponding data recovery module in software interface, for instance, we can choose Lost Partition Recovery module to deal with accidental formatting. The operations are so easy that you may feel you are a magician.

In a word, since we usually encounter U disk data loss due to accidental operations and suffer some loss and trouble, using data recovery software to decrease the losses is a good method. Here, I remind you to be careful when using U disk, thus you can avoid unnecessary troubles.


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