In the dangerous network world, the growing value of data and information requires higher level of protection methods. Because of frequent virus attack events, huge economic and spiritual losses make computer users realize virus defense work is so important for computer. Everyone is trying hard to find better virus defense solution. So the anti-virus software market emerges as times require. The market attracts many software companies so various kinds of anti-virus software are born. It is hard for us to choose an excellent one among so many choices.

By analyzing the tendency of choosing anti-virus software, anti-virus software companies are fighting either openly or secretly. For more market shares, they have tried their best and even employ unfairly competitive methods, such as price war, mutual slander, and self-praise. Under various attractions, computer users are bewildered. We don't know how to choose a right one. Some users even employ two or more pieces of anti-virus software in one computer. This seems to be a good solution, because it satisfies both users and anti-virus software companies. It might be a peace age of anti-virus software industry.

However, the fact is not so. Not a few anti-virus software companies ask for more than the present profit. To occupy more market shares, anti-virus software war has never stopped. Anti-virus software companies are fighting and attacking each other. The result turns to be that anti-virus software in computer loses its functions of defending virus, or even deletes our important files by accident. Therefore, it becomes easier for virus to attack our computer. At last, we encounter unexpected data disaster. We have become the victim of anti-virus software war.

This is real and not made up by me. Have you ever experienced the situation where the software deleted the core files of other anti-virus software after you use one piece of software to scan the computer if you have installed more than one piece of anti-virus software in your computer? You may wonder why. Are those files infected with virus? 

The situation is not that pure. Those files are the victim of anti-virus software war. Although we can still use professional data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover deleted files, it is still an annoying thing. We can perform data recovery to the lost files, but we are still bearing the unnecessary troubles brought by anti-virus software war.

Here I am on behalf of millions of common computer users to appeal to anti-virus software companies. Please stop the war! Originally, anti-virus software is for better data protection, but the goal already seems to go bad. Don't let the interest control your head. You will cut your own throat at last! 


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