Like in the other Windows operating systems, file loss problems on Windows 8 are pesky for users. If the problems are caused by soft faults, it is unnecessary to resort to professional data recovery companies, which will cost much money and make users risk information leak threats. But users should pay attention. Windows 8 is the latest operating system of Microsoft, so it is possible that many apps are not compatible, including file recovery software. So when choosing data recovery software for Windows 8, users should attach particular importance to software compatibility. Or the incompatible file recovery software may result in more data loss problems. For the sake of data security and convenience, users could visit to download the free file recovery software to carry out Windows 8 file recovery. 

Free file recovery software 
The above is the starting interface of the free file recovery software. Repeated tests show that it is well compatible with all common Windows operating systems including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Five data recovery modules are able to recover lost files in many different situations. Nearly almost all data loss problems caused by soft faults can be solved easily. For example,

"Undelete Recovery" is able to recover deleted files quickly.
"Damaged Partition Recovery" can recover files from formatted and logically damaged partition. For instance, if a partition becomes inaccessible because of viruses or logical error, users can use this module to recover files from this partition.
"Lost Partition Recovery" is capable of recovering files from lost and deleted partition.
"Digital Media Recovery" is able to realize photo recovery, music file recovery and video recovery.
"CD/DVD Recovery" can recover lost files from CD and DVD.
All operations are very simple. Take photo recovery for example.

Photo recovery on Windows 8
1.       Please click "Digital Media Recovery" in the starting interface.
2.       Select the partition where the lost photos were stored and click "Full Scan", as follows. 
3. Find and check the files to be recovered and click "Save Files", as follows. 
After the checked files are stored to a safe location, Windows 8 photo recovery will be accomplished. Operations of the other modules are also so simple. If users want to get detailed procedures, please visit the official website. 

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