As known to all, the reason why we can save data and information in hard drive is file system. In different operating systems, file systems are very different. And different file systems have different levels of security. For example, in Windows operating systems, NTFS file system is securer than FAT32 file system. With wider and wider application of computer, NTFS file system has gradually replaced FAT32 file system.

Those are only the two most common file systems in Windows operating systems. Let me introduce you some file systems in MAC operating systems. In MAC, the most common ones are HFS, HFS+ and FAT file systems. As a result of security differences, HSF+ file system has gradually become the most widely used file system in MAC computers. Most MAC computers employ HFS+ file system. However, even though HFS+ file system has better security than other file systems, it is still weak when facing all kinds of dangerous threats from Internet. When we encounter virus attack in MAC, HFS+ file system isn't enough for defending dangers.

Maybe you think that HFS+ file system in MAC is secure enough to defend virus attack, because you must have never been attacked before. Actually, security performance of MAC operating systems and Windows operating systems is always the hot topic among computer users. Most users think that the reason why MAC is seldom attacked by virus is that MAC user group is much smaller than Windows operating systems, but is not that MAC is securer than Windows. For more interest, hackers choose to attack Windows operating systems rather than MAC operating systems. That's why MAC is less attacked than Windows.

I have analyzed rationally the security performance of both Windows operating systems and MAC operating systems. Maybe some MAC users will still trust in strong security of MAC. With the development of software industry, malicious programs such as virus and Trojan are so widely spreading through network, including the ones aiming at MAC operating systems, such as "Hell RTS" and "FlashBack" of last year. These viruses and Trojan horses are threatening MAC data security anytime. Data loss and damage will happen anytime, so we have to prepare anti-virus work in advance.

With good defense of anti-virus, it doesn't mean our data in MAC is absolutely secure, because most types of anti-virus software can only avoid virus attack instead of preventing virus attack efficiently. Besides anti-virus defense, we also need to do well in the second level data protection work – professional data recovery software like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. This professional MAC data recovery program restores lost data in time when data loss caused by virus attack happens. It reduces losses to the greatest extent. It is very necessary to own one piece of such professional MAC data recovery software. For better data security in MAC, you should try your best to prepare in advance! 


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