I believe most users have encountered data loss when using computer. And many kinds of inevitable factors lead to data loss, such as storage device physical damage, disk demagnetization, computer virus attack, accidental deletion and formatting. However, part of the data loss situations can be solved by data recovery technology. Here are two common data recovery methods.   

First one is the laboratory data recovery method. Laboratory data recovery mainly performs data recovery operations with the help of sophisticated equipment instrument. Lots of professional data recovery companies also provide users with data recovery services via this data recovery method. Although this data recovery method is very complicated, it can recover data lost in most situations, such as disk magnetic head damage, slightly disc scratch. The most common recovery device is Magnetic Force of Microscopy (MFM). This device can display the pictures when magnetic medium is magnetized with high resolution through the smallest sample quantity. It gains original data through analyzing and computing. However, since data recovery equipment instrument is relatively expensive, most professional data recovery company charges for high fees.        

The second one is software recovery method. Most friends choose to recover lost data with data recovery software. As software technology keeps developing, there is lots of software which can help users recover lost data. For this reason, when encountering data loss, most friends prefer using this method to perform recovery operation. Using software to recover lost data is so easy that most common users can easily perform data recovery operations through this kind of software. However, this method also has limitation. For instance, we can’t use such kind of data recovery software to perform recovery operation when disk physical damage occurs. Besides, if lost data is overwritten, data recovery software also can’t completely recover it. Current software market is filled with software which has different quality, and most of the software products are inferior, so when choosing data recovery software, we must pay attention to software security. Once you use inferior data recovery software, you not only can’t recover lost data, but also damage more data information. In order to help you avoid downloading inferior data recovery software products, I recommend several pieces of data recovery software which is relatively excellent in current data recovery software industry to you – MiniTool Power Data Recovery, Easy Recovery. You can learn details from the Internet.     

After learning two different kinds of data recovery methods, I believe many friends further know about the data recovery knowledge. Along with the constantly developing of data recovery technology, most data loss can be recovered by us, but some serious data loss situation still can’t be solved by current data recovery technology. Therefore, we should pay attention to data information protection and back up data information.


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