According to DVD mechanism, DVD is divided into writable DVD and un-writable DVD. The later refers to the optical disk of movie or software which is bought from stores. We can not write data in them or modify data information stored in this kind of DVD. Dye layer, compared with that in writable DVD, is more stable and can be stored longer relatively. Writable DVD, including DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD-RW (differences between "+" and "-" mean the different DVD burning standards), is prepared for writing data in, so its dye layer is of certain instability and prone to influence from the outside, thereby causing damage to data. But, it is for the same reason that most users could use DVD to back up and store important data.

Despite its low cost and long time for data storage, DVD storing data needs maintenance desperately, because DVD is easy to damage, for example, disc deformation and dye layer damage. At the same time, data stored in the damaged DVD are likely to disappear and in this situation, we can hardly perform damaged DVD recovery. Therefore, we suggest users back up DVD data to the computer after purchasing. Even if encountering data loss, we can recover the lost data easily, for there is a large amount of data recovery software in the market, supporting data recovery from computer, and the result is also brilliant. As to data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, released by MiniTool Solution Ltd., is recommended. And as to the slight problem of DVD read failure, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is able to read data and store the data to the computer.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery helps you recover lost DVD data easily
The unique CD/DVD recovery module of MiniTool Power Data Recovery is specially developed for DVD data recovery and can help users quickly recover lost DVD data. Of course, compatibility is a key factor user cares about. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is perfectly compatible with almost all popular Windows operating systems and file systems, so file systems used in DVD is not an exception. Next, let's see how this DVD data recovery software helps us recover lost DVD data.
First, run it.
Then, we can see its main interface which shows us different recovery modules. To recover lost DVD data, we select "CD/DVD Recovery" module.
In this interface, select the optical disk drive where DVD data recovery will perform and click "Full Scan" to scan the whole optical disk drive. After the scan is finished, the following interface will appear automatically.
Next, find and check data which need recovering, and then click "Save Files" button to save these data to a safe place according to prompts. After that, DVD data recovery is accomplished thoroughly.

Those above are demonstrations about recovering data from DVD with MiniTool Power Data Recovery. For demonstrations of other function modules, please visit the official website and we won't introduce them one by one.

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