Method of recovering deleted Emails
Take the commonly used Outlook Express for example. Exclusive documents are used to store received Emails and sent Emails, so in order to recover deleted Emails, generally we just need to recover the document for receiving Emails, which means that there is no big difference between recovering deleted Emails and ordinary data recovery. Thus we can use the commonly used data recovery software for recovering deleted Emails. Since Emails are of great significance for users, we ought to use safe, practical and simple data recovery software to recover deleted Emails. And the data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, is recommended because it aids us in recovering deleted Emails documents in the simplest way.

Recovering deleted Emails with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery has a concise and decent main interface from which we can see the main data recovery function possessed by this data recovery software. We can select data recovery ways according to our practical demands.
We can see all data recovery function modules. To recover deleted Emails documents, we should select "Undelete Recovery" function module.
After clicking "Undelete Recovery", we should select the partition where the deleted Emails documents were originally stored and click "Recover" button to scan the selected partition. Then we will see the interface of "Undelete Files Recovery" after the scan is finished. 
Take Outlook Express for example. Find the location where the Emails are stored. Then we can look for Emails manually or by searching way (the suffix of Emails storage files of Outlook Express is .dbx and we can search for documents with this suffix directly). Find the desired deleted Emails files and click "Save Files" button to save the recovered files to appointed location. We should not store the recovered files to the original partition, avoiding data loss. Just through several simple steps, we finish recovering deleted Emails documents successfully.

Note: we can use the recovered Emails documents to recover deleted Emails by importing files or replacing the original files, which depends on your Email software.  

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