MiniTool Power Data Recovery has the features of simplicity, ease of use, safety, and reliability. Even if we do not have any data recovery knowledge, we can also undelete files perfectly with this freeware by performing few easy operations. Next, let's see how to undelete files with this freeware. 

At first, you need to visit the official website to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery for free:, and install it to your computer
In its main interface, we can approximately see the five functional modules of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Different functional modules have different recovery capability. We can choose a suitable one according to our specific situation. Here, we should click"Undelete Recovery" functional module to enter the following interface:
In the above interface, select the partition where data which need undeleting are, and then click "Recover" to scan deleted files.
From the scanning results, select the files which need undeleting, and then check them. Next, click "Save Files" to appoint location for these files. Then, the system will help us undelete files automatically.

At the same time, you should never save recovered files to the original partition, avoiding data overwriting. Besides, when data loss occurs, stop writing new data to the partition. Thus we can keep the data completeness to the largest extent.

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