As the quality of life keeps creasing, foreign-related travel already becomes the most effective way to enjoy life and increase experience for many people. In order to keep some precious memory and excellent moments, we usually carry a set of digital camera with us. Have you encountered the situation as the same as mine?  

Once when I enjoyed foreign-related travel with my friend, the space my SD card was used up by excessive photos. I didn’t want to miss any beautiful scenery, so I bought a piece of SD card with 4GB. With it, I recorded lots of beautiful scenery and funny thing. As soon as I backed home, I wanted to transfer these precious digital photos to computer and shared them with my friends after simple post-processing. But shit happens.     

When using card reader to transfer digital photos from SD card to computer, I accidentally made them card reader on computer off. Unexpectedly, such an unspectacular case nearly destroyed my precious memory. When I inserted the card reader in the computer again, computer operating system prompted me to format SD card. At first, I thought the card reader was damaged, so I used another card reader to connect the SD card to the computer. However, I faced the same situation. At that time, I doubted whether the SD card was damaged and asked for help on the Internet. Before long, a man who claimed “professional data recovery worker” contacted with me and asked me to recover lost digital data in his company. Since the fee was too high, I didn’t want to agree with him. After I refused him for many times, he provided a solution – format the SD card. If the SD card has no problem, I can use professional data recovery software to recover lost data in SD card.    

After knowing this solution, I tried to format SD card, and then used SD card in digital camera. After a series of operations – take photos, save photos and transfer photos to computer, I ensured that SD card had no problems, and then I searched for data recovery software which can help me recover image data. However, this process was not so easy. Since I used the latest Windows 7 operating system, lots of data recovery software with image data recovery function was not compatible with it. Just when I was to give up, a piece of data recovery software called MiniTool Power Data Recovery attracted me.   

From its official website, I found that this software was compatible with Windows 7 operating system, and had very excellent image data recovery ability. I was so joyful, thinking: “Now that there were no other methods, I may as well try to use MiniTool Power Data Recovery”. Then I downloaded this software on the official website, and completed all operations according to operation demo on official website. When I visited the location used to store recovered image data, I was surprised because all my lost image data in SD card was recovered. I later found several photos can’t be open. Maybe, it was caused by the new data written when I checked whether the SD card was damaged. But I was also very joyful because most photos were completely recovered.     

Here, I share my unfortunate suffering with you, hoping help friends who have similar suffering solve photo loss. I must remind you that you must be careful when using important data. Or, an unspectacular case may lead to great data disaster. 


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