Emails are familiar to every computer user and the transmission of important data files is common in daily Email communication. As Email system is more and more frequently used in every industry, Email data failures are becoming more and more and hard to avoid, Email losses are annoying. However, we should not feel frustrated. Although most recovery software can not recover lost emails, the high effective Email recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery is able to help users recover lost Emails. This powerful Email recovery software supports almost all file formats and has powerful scan ability and is able to scan every sector in hard disk to find lost Emails. We can visit its website to get detailed information
We can see its different recovery modules from its main interface. Select the corresponding recovery module according to practical Email loss situation. In the operation process, detailed prompt information will be provided, so users need not worry about mistaken operations. Then, we'll recover lost Email caused by accidental deletion.

Undelete Email with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Firstly, download and install the Email recovery software and then launch it. In the main interface, select "Undelete Recovery" function module. 
In this interface, select the partition where Emails are lost and click "Recover" to scan the partition.
After the scan is finished, a lot of files are displayed. In order to find the Email file that will be recovered quickly, we can click "Find Files".
Input the name of the file that will be recovered in the text box of "File Name" and click "Find Next" to look for the email. After the file is found, check it and click "Save Files" to store the recovered file. Until now, we have successfully realized Email recovery. 

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