According to related report, Rachman (the Windows update project manager of Microsoft) said in the blog that the coming Windows 8 operating system would make improvement on system update strategy. Thus, the data loss caused by forced computer reboot will be decreased or prevented when users update Windows 8.

I believe many users have encountered such unlucky situation below when updating operating system: Windows automatically completed update and required reboot or performed forced shutdown while we were using important data on computer. It is really unlucky if all the important data gets lost because there is no enough time to end the important data in use. Since the data information value keeps increasing, each important data loss events may bring us with irreparable spiritual losses and economic losses. None of us are willing to encounter such situation, but as experienced computer users know, computer data loss is inevitable. The computer virus on the Internet, malicious software and our improper operations may cause the important data to lose. Although important data lost in most situations can be completely recovered by professional data recovery software such as MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we still have to suffer lots of trouble. Therefore, we always try to reduce data loss rate thereby avoiding lots of unnecessary losses.  

As the biggest operating system developer around the world, Microsoft naturally focuses on data security concerns all computer users. In the hot Windows 7, Microsoft had enhanced its data security, but it didn’t value the disadvantages in update strategy. Fortunately, after receiving feedback from lots of Windows users, Microsoft is going to further promote the Windows updating strategy. Compared with the situation that Windows users have to restart computer after each update, Windows 8 users just need to reboot computer once a month. That is to say, any computer reboot operation after update will be performed together in the second Monday of next month. It is because the update function in Windows 8 will automatically keep all computer reboot information together on Monday when Microsoft releases patches, and then perform them together.   

Windows users benefit a lot from the change of Windows 8 updating strategy. It not only ensures system security in certain time and decreases computer reboot time, but also improves the foreseeability of forced computer reboot, providing users with enough time to adjust the use of important computer data. However, in order to better protect computer data, sometimes computer reboot still need to be performed immediately after some very pivotal security update. However, while ensuring operating system security as much as possible, Microsoft already decreases the rate that forced computer reboot causes important data loss to lowest extent. Therefore, the latest operating system Windows 8 with advanced updating strategy is worth expectations. 

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